Our approach to training

If you are the Boss…

Qualified First Aiders are something you have to have. The Law says so.

Clearly it’s great to have someone who can cope with an emergency, and as a responsible employer, you know your staff are your greatest asset.

But from a business point of view, it’s a double whammy – you pay for the course, and your staff are away from work.

Worse, once back from the course, skills fade sets in quickly, and that expensive training becomes just a certificate in a filing cabinet.

That’s where S.E. Medical is different.

We believe our training goes above and beyond the HSE requirements.

Common sense and experience tell you that no two situations are the same.

So we don’t just teach      “in situation A, do B”

but ask                                    “what are you trying to achieve, and why?”

then we teach                      “here’s what, here’s why,  here’s how”

In our view, this makes for far more effective and versatile staff.   Because what if it’s situation C ?

We also aim to do it in an engaging and enjoyable way – we’ve found through thousands of hours of training, that this produces student buy-in and retention.  Our student feedback seems to confirm this. No stern looks and clipboards here, just top quality trainers and training.

As part of our commitment to you, we optionally provide – as part of the course cost – regular thought-provoking emails and/or texts to keep your staff updated on changes to, and challenge their recall of, information and techniques. Skills fade – that’s soooo 20th century !

We constantly research the latest innovations in Learning & Development techniques and resources to provide the best training available.


If you’re a Member of the team

If your image of a First Aid course is 6 hours a day of blah,blah,blah……….. then, to be honest, we understand.

We’ve been there too, and we hate it. That’s why we’re in business.

We want to make your training experience an enjoyable, immersive and positive one.

Student feedback suggests that you’ll get more out of it that way, and it will stay with you longer, so that if you are ever called on to use it, you will have the confidence to give it a go, and are more likely to do it right.

And that, for us, is the benchmark of good training.

We promise to teach you all the skills and information you will need to become a skilled and confident First Aider. We will stretch you, to encourage you to think, to adapt, to improvise. Because life is rarely textbook.

But you will also be able to translate those skills to your home, and everyday life. We will also encourage you to take those skills home with you. you never know – one day it might be you needing help.

And for the next 3 years we won’t forget you, because with your permission we will keep you updated by email and/or text with any changes to First Aid, and send you regular quiz questions to help you stay on top of your game, and prevent skills fade. Do you really want to find out you’ve forgotten, just at the moment you need it?